Bart van VlietPicture by Roger Cremers
On my brother’s 16th birthday he was given a camera from our dad. Photography appealed to me too so I wanted one as well! On my 15th birthday my wish was granted. Being a big music fan I thought it might give me the opportunity to get closer to my favourite bands. It might even get me backstage!

After experimenting with photography in my teenage years, I moved to The Hague to follow a photographic study at the Royal Academy of Arts. During my study I completed an internship at Sander Veeneman and Roger Cremer’s photography studio. This enabled me to broaden my interests in photography even further.

I have been a full time freelance photographer since 2007. Since then I have been able to continually develop my style and interests. I prefer to work on location and to improvise with all available components the surroundings offer. My greatest strength is creating compositions of people.

My clients vary from non-profit organisations and commercial companies to the national government.